häzz Coffee: Perfecting the Art of Coffee Roasting 01.Jul.2024

häzz Coffee: Perfecting the Art of Coffee Roasting

In the picturesque towns of Stellenbosch and Newlands, häzz has established itself as more than just a coffee roaster—it's a lifestyle brand that embodies passion, quality, and excellence. With its flagship cafés and professional roasting facilities, häzz is on a mission to elevate the coffee experience for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

A Blend of Excellence

At the heart of häzz's offering is a special blend of pure Arabica beans. This carefully curated mixture combines Central American, South American, and African beans, resulting in a cup with an exceptionally wide range of aromas. The blend boasts a bold yet smooth body, striking a perfect balance that caters to diverse palates.

What sets häzz apart is its commitment to freshness and quality. The company roasts beans on demand, ensuring that each batch reaches customers at the peak of its flavor profile. This dedication to excellence hasn't gone unnoticed in 2012, häzz was awarded an international coffee-tasting award for its outstanding espresso, competing against entries from around the globe.

The Art of Coffee Cultivation

häzz's expertise extends beyond roasting to a deep understanding of coffee cultivation. While coffee is primarily grown in two varietals, Arabica and Robusta - häzz focuses on the superior Arabica beans. These beans, grown at higher altitudes, are prized for their fuller, more balanced flavor profiles, despite being more challenging to cultivate than their Robusta counterparts.

The result of this careful selection and roasting process is a coffee that sings with notes of hazelnut and chocolate. Rich, strong, and full-bodied, the häzz blend offers a sweet and pleasant aroma that lingers long after the last sip.

Commitment to Service and Education

häzz's passion for coffee extends beyond its own cafés. The company offers in-house barista training, ensuring that businesses serving häzz coffee can consistently deliver the perfect cup to their customers. This commitment to quality control and education helps spread the culture of excellent coffee far beyond häzz's own locations.

Understanding the dynamic nature of the coffee industry, häzz prides itself on flexibility and customer service. The company strives to accommodate changing circumstances, adapting to the needs of its clients and partners.

Moreover, häzz boasts a technical support team that's second to none. With technicians on call 24/7, trained in Europe and equipped with the largest stock of coffee-related spare parts in South Africa, häzz ensures that its partners can rely on prompt, expert assistance whenever needed.

A Coffee Experience Like No Other

From sourcing responsibly through traceable projects to roasting with precision and serving with expertise, häzz has crafted a coffee experience that stands out in a crowded market. It's not just about the perfect cup—it's about initiating conversations, promoting a lifestyle of quality, and pursuing personal excellence.

For those seeking a coffee that embodies craftsmanship, flavor, and a commitment to excellence, häzz offers an unparalleled experience. Whether you're sipping an espresso in one of their flagship cafés or brewing their beans at home, you're partaking in a coffee journey that's been perfected from bean to cup.

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