The world’s first precision coffee tamper.

Tamping a freshly ground shot is an important piece of the puzzle that is making an espresso. But the repetitive, manual tamping action? We don’t need to tell you: it’s a thorn in the professional barista’s side (and shoulder). That’s why we created the PUQpress, the world’s first automatic coffee tamper. A tamping tool that promises to deliver on precision and consistency, every time you tamp.

Whether you have the flexibility to design your own workflow, or need an integrated solution that can slot straight into your existing setup, we’ve got an automatic tamper to suit you.

No strain or pain, just time and space to focus on the good stuff: customers, craftsmanship and creativity.


PUQPress Q2

PUQPress Q2

From R 14,260.00 R 20,645.00

PUQPress Q1

R 17,249.00

PUQpress Mini

R 13,052.50

PUQPress M3

R 19,435.00



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