A chemical engineer by trade, Mike Sivets is credited with developing the concept of air-roasting coffee over 50 years ago. He spent most of his life researching and studying the entire chain of the coffee trade and sharing what he learnt with the rest of the world through the publication of multiple books and articles on coffee quality and technology. His work in advancing the science and the technology of coffee set a new standard of excellence and we have much to thank him for. His frustrating experiences with the limitations of industrial drum roasters led him to build a better machine. Experimenting in his garage in the 1970’s, he soon had the kinks worked out and the result revolutionised the coffee roasting world. Mike established his part lab, part showroom and manufacturing facility in Oregon, USA and has sold over 300 roasters all over the world. This method of air-roasting our coffee, allows us to supply a consistent product, efficiently and importantly, with a lower carbon footprint that traditional roasters. The taste will keep you coming back for more! with



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