Red Espresso Basket

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This filter basket is specifically designed to work with red espresso rooibos tea leaves. It delivers a perfect red espresso shot that is thick, with a rich crema, a stronger taste and great extraction. The science is simple: the red espresso basket has fewer holes than a standard coffee portafilter basket. This helps slow down the extraction to produce a tastier shot of red espresso.



Stainless steel
58mm in diameter
Fits on most models of the following commercial machines:
     - La Marzocco
     - Synesso
     - Slayer
     - Kees Van Der Westen
     - Nuova Simonelli
     - Victoria Arduino
     - Astoria
     - Rancilio
     - Wega
     - Brasilia
     - Expobar
     - Rocket
     - Faema




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