EUREKA Atom blow up hopper 300g

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Café: single origin/speciality

Designed to optimise your grinders' daily performance, the innovative design of Eureka's Blow-Up 300g Hopper will ensure every last grind meets its intended destination. Gone are the days of wasted coffee grounds trapped inside your burrs and bitter tasting espresso’s from over-oxidised coffee!

This hopper will blow-out each residual ground from your grinders' sneaky hiding places, so that every cup can be measured and maintained with consistency.

Improve the accuracy of your grinder, and enjoy the coffee profiles you love most with the reliable efficiency of Eureka.



  • Improved accuracy: Pre-measured recipes are only as accurate as their actual output, so if your grinder holds on to a few too many grams after grinding, it becomes very difficult to account for the difference. Use of a blow-up hopper effectively eliminates this issue. 
  • 300-g hopper: The short hopper is designed to take up minimal space and fit comfortably in most kitchens.
  • Zero retention: Many grinders may offer low retention, but with blow-out hopper ensures zero retention.
  • Improved flavours: Coffee grounds that are left to oxidize too long will likely still find their way into your coffee long after it was meant for use, creating bitter tasting espresso. The Eureka Blow-Out Hopper will ensure this doesn't happen.
  • Colour: transparent/plastic



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