ASTORIA Core 200 Espresso Machine

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Café: You can easily serve a busy café or restaurant with the Astoria Core 200 and capable barista/s.

Why we love it

Astoria is passionate about espresso and it’s said that their heart beats inside the Core 200.

This is a minimalist 2 group espresso machine with a contemporary design and extras that will make your café life just that much easier.

The body is finished in sheet metal, which makes it a solid machine at this price point.

Currently available in SAE only (automatic) with the ever-important shot timers. The adjustable flap racks also enable you and your barista to comfortably serve different cup sizes.



Shot Timer:

Indicates the extraction times for each group.

Flap rack in each group:

Allows the machine to be used both for espresso cups and for glasses of milk-based beverages.

Larger diameter steam nozzles:

Allow more consistency in the quality of the steam, improved milk frothing.

Mechanical “filocarrozzeria” buttons:

Keeps the pediment clean and thanks to their mechanical nature they avoid defects due to steam, dirty hands, wet hands, etc.

Front cut under the pediments reduces the working time allowing the bartender to see at a glance the ring holder coupler ring without having to lower it.


All bodywork, excluding curbs, are made of sheet metal making a solid and resistant machine.



Voltage: 230V

Rated power: 3700W

Boiler: 10.5L

Water-steam wands: 2

Dimensions: 747mm (w) x 493mm (D) x 511mm (H)

Net weight: 61Kg



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