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Handmade in Milan: at the heart of every Rocket Espresso machine is the tradition of ‘Fatto a Mano’ meaning to be ‘made by hand’. It is this authentic passion for great design and handmade products that has led to Milan becoming the renowned designer city of the world.

Bicocca: the essence of a local district where cultural centres, the university and the street vibe combine to bring the local community to life.

A word with Italian vibes... a light and playful name.

Sounds that make you think of cocoa, the warm scent of
a bakery, or a coffee shop. A word that can make us imagine a short and lively game for children. A word that speaks to us of traditional entertainment.

 The Bicocca machine body is bold and purposeful in its design aesthetic, mirroring the innovative technical features of the product.

The cantilevered basin draws the eye from the robust machine body panels to the minimalistic front view. It is here where the contrasting elegance of the machine’s design becomes apparent.

The architectural approach is demonstrated when we observe the design of the machine panel sides, inspired by the “ashlar”, a characteristic element of fine Renaissance architecture.

The taut geometric lines of the panels reinforce the concept of solidity and reliability, qualities that are mandatory in a high performing product. The Bicocca’s bold architecture
is a visual cue to the machines internal engineering that is designed to exceed the needs of even the most demanding home barista.

The Bicocca was designed to produce outstanding and consistent results, cup after cup.
This is accomplished by the ergonomic layout of the Barista’s work area, including the new cylindrical shaped group head.



Double stainless steel boiler

Coffee boiler capacity: 0.5 L Boiler capacity: 1.5 L

Rotary pump

Weight: 35 Kg

Boiler covering for energy saving

Water connection or water tank Water tank capacity: 1.8 L

Tank reserve sensor

New filter holder

Dimensions: 409x465x400 mm (wxdxh) 3.5‘’ touch screen display with new HMI




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