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Matt Black


The new Eureka Mignon XL has larger 65mm burrs which make grinding faster to promote a better extraction whilst maintaining its signature nearly-silent grind and small size. Identical to the Mignon range, this grinder has very little retention, easily allowing for accurate single dosing.

We suggest this grinder for the exacting home barista who wants incredibly smooth flat burr shots, that fit their counter space and pull a few shots in the morning without waking up the family. Constraints don't mean you're willing to settle. You want accurate dosing and distribution so that your morning coffee ritual is as precise and consistent, but relaxed.

The Mignon XL competes with commercial-grade grinders in speed, accuracy of grind and  build quality.

It maintains all the features we love for a home setup: compact size, nearly-silent grind, 65mm flat stainless steel burrs and zero grind retention.

The stepless adjustment knob makes micro-adjustments easy. You can use this as a single-dosing grinder or utilise its timing feature (digital display) to work with any routine.

This grinder checks all the boxes for the best coffee at home.



  • Premium grinding quality, thanks to patented Pure Diamond burrs (65 mm) that preserve the optimal burrs sharpness longer than any others and ensure a more steady granulometry over time.
  • Unprecedented performances, ensured by the upgraded motor combined with the 65 mm burrs, for professional performances even at home (3 g/s).
  • ELR System: the development of dedicated technical solutions requires a very low retention in the grinding chamber and a unique dose consistency (approximately ± 0,2 g).
  • Maximum silence, thanks to the "Silent Technology" that allows reaching a unique grinding silence (about 60 dB).
  • "High Speed" maintenance, handy and easy, whithout losing the grinding setting.
  • All-purpose rubber coated fork for "Hands-Free" operations, suitable to any kind of filter holder (also naked) due to the special geometry and adjustable support.
  • Mignon Mat Kit supplied, for every barista who loves his Mignon and cleanliness on his counter.



  • Rpm: 1650
  • Power absorbed: 320 watt
  • Productivity (g/s): 2,3 – 2,8
  • Burrs: flat 65 mm hardened steel
  • Touch display
  • Dose counter
  • Stepless micrometric adjustment 
  • Bean hopper capacity: 300 gr
  • Height: 380 mm
  • Width: 120 mm
  • Depth: 180 mm
  • Weight: 7,2 kg







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