EUREKA Atom Speciality 65

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Matt Black

The perfect choice for Home brewers And Small Cafes

This grinder is a highly efficient option for small cafes, able to keep up with the lunch rush with its extremely consistent grind capabilities.
Why we love it:

Sound insulation

If you live in a home or your office needs peace and quiet, you’ll want to invest in an Eureka Atom grinder.
The state-of-the-art sound insulation reduces the whirring sound of grinding beans: Eureka combines sound-isolating gaskets and motor mounts for silent operation.


Flat Burrs

Flat burrs are prized among us espresso lovers for their exceptionally even results, drastically reducing annoying fines that can compromise your cup. 


Programmable Dosing

This practical feature for cafés and restaurants means that you can pull single or double shots with the push of a button or grind custom amounts straight into your portafilter. 


ACE System

Worried about clumps ruining your brew? The impressive static-reducing anti-clump system pairs nicely with the high-quality flat burrs. The result? A uniform grind every time you press start.

Bottom-Burr Adjustment System

Do you hate losing your grind settings whenever you need to disassemble your machine for cleaning and repairs? This coveted feature saves you some frustration. 
Not only is the adjustment system highly intuitive for subtle grinds, it’s designed below the motor so you won’t agitate it during disassembly. 



  • Silent Technology 
  • ACE (anti clumping and Electrostatic) system
  • Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka)
  • ‘High speed’ maintenance
  • All-purpose adjustable ‘hands free’ fork
  • Blow up system compatible
  • "High Speed" Grind Dispersion


  • Rpm: 1310
  • Power absorbed: 350 watt
  • Productivity (g/s): 2,7 – 3,7
  • Burrs: flat 65 mm hardened steel
  • Dose counter
  • Spotlight on filter holder
  • Stepless micrometric adjustment 
  • Bean hopper capacity: 1,2 kg
  • Height: 540 mm
  • Width: 205 mm
  • Depth: 227 mm
  • Weight: 9,5 kg



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