ROCKET 2 in 1 Tamper and Leveller

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Matt Black

The Rocket 2-in-1 tamper & levelling tool allows you to be more efficient and consistent in your coffee making.

The profiled side of the tool distributes coffee grinds in the portafilter evenly before tamping with the reverse side. This results in better extraction, prevents channelling and ensures that your espresso shots are more consistent.

How it works:

After grinding coffee into the portafilter, place the levelling tool on top of the portafilter. Twist the levelling tool 2-4 times without pushing down. The profiled base distributes grounds. Flip the tool and tamp with the reverse side.

Height adjustable depending on the dose of coffee preferred.

High-quality stainless steel construction

 anti-slip design

 Rocket logo engraved on the side




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