STONE Mine Green Espresso Machine

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Satisfy your passion for coffee with Stone Espresso

Stone is a division of Rocket Espresso and we have become accustomed to the high-end aesthetics, build quality and performance that is the Rocket.

The same philosophy has been applied to Stone, but the idea is pushed further in order to totally reinvent the coffee space in your home.

Professional performance, ultra-compact dimensions, 100% metal inside and out gives you an espresso experience fit for connoisseurs. Moreover, every Stone is handmade in Milan.

The Stone houses  a heating element in the brass group head, controlled by PID that allows it to heat up in just 10 minutes! An absolute feat for an espresso machine this size: while you get your milk, beans and cups prepped, your Stone is set to go.


Serving a few cups at your dinner party? No problem! With the boiler and group heat exchange system, Stone allows you to extract espresso whilst steaming.

And all set with a 58 mm portafilter and 9 bars of pressure.

Pair it with a solid grinder, a Stone espresso machine can give you that perfect café coffee in less time than it takes at a shop. Whether you're just getting started with your espresso journey or looking for a machine to last you years, we think Stone is just have what you have been looking for.



Panels: Stainless Steel



Measurements: 225 mm (W) x 355 mm (H) x 440 mm (D)

Weight: 20,5 kg

Heater: 1000 W

Heating System: 200 W

Boiler Capacity: 1,5 L

Steam Chamber: 0,8 L

Removable Water Tank: 1,2 L

Wattage version A: 220-240 V - 50/60 Hz

Wattage versionB: 115 V - 60 Hz


Side panel: satin

Slab: green



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